Akhateli Acres is a small experimental vineyard & tree nursery in Akhateli village, Georgia, South Caucasus.



Established 2021 - Akhateli village, Georgia.Akhateli Acres is a repository of the diverse native food crops & other flora of the South Caucasus.We're repurposing a long-abandoned orchard into a small vineyard, nursery, and demonstration gardens. For a look at the progress we’ve made so far, see photos.We’ve gathered cultivars from the shores of the Black Sea to the Arax River Valley, Samegrelo to Syunik.Here, In the putative ancestral home⁺ of domesticated grapes & winemaking, we collect endangered and wild vines, fruit trees, and other specimens. We're fortunate to live in a relatively compact region with such intense biodiversity and storied agricultural traditions.⁺i.e. The Black Sea coast, Colchian Lowlands, Armenian Plateau, Arax River Valley, Easternmost Anatolia, and Zagros Mountains (see map).


Much like stone carvings, unearthed ceramics, or ancient papyri - the native heirloom agricultural crops all around us represent a cultural legacy: the invisible but heroic efforts of preceding generations.Our mandate is to research and nurture vines, trees, shrubs from across the South Caucasus - to promote horticultural education, and encourage preservation of botanical heritage. Ultimately, our collections will function as an educational demonstration garden.It's our responsibility to foster and preserve the tireless work of farmers who gave us the foods we take for granted every day.Reach out to us with any questions.If possible, please donate.

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